Application of bolts.

Update time:05 Jul 2019

There are many names for bolts. Everyone's name may be […]

There are many names for bolts. Everyone's name may be different. Some people call them screws, some are called bolts, and some people call them fasteners. Although there are so many names, the meanings are the same, they are bolts. Bolts are a general term for fasteners. Bolts are tools that use the physics and mathematical principles of the circular rotation and friction of the bevel of an object to progressively fasten the components of the object.
Bolts are indispensable in daily life and industrial production. Bolts are also known as industrial rice. It can be seen that the use of bolts is extensive. The scope of application of bolts is: electronic products, mechanical products, digital products, electrical equipment, electromechanical machinery products. Bolts are also useful in ships, vehicles, hydraulic engineering, and even chemical experiments. In fact, bolts are used in many places. Special bolts used in digital products. Miniature bolts for DVDs, cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics, etc.; general bolts for televisions, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture, etc.; for engineering, construction, bridges, large bolts, nuts; traffic appliances, airplanes, trams, cars Then use the size bolts. Bolts have an important role in the industry. As long as there is industry on the earth, the function of bolts is always important.

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