Classification of high strength bolts

Update time:09 Nov 2019

Friction-type high-strength bolts: suitable for steel f […]

Friction-type high-strength bolts: suitable for steel frame structural beams, column connections, solid web connections, heavy crane beam connections for industrial plants, brake systems and connections to important structures subject to dynamic loads.
Pressure-type high-strength bolts: can be used to allow a small amount of sliding static load structures or shear connections in components that indirectly bear dynamic loads.
Tensile high-strength bolt: When the bolt is pulled, the fatigue strength is low. Under the action of dynamic load, the bearing capacity is not easy to exceed 0.6P (P is the allowable axial force of the bolt). Therefore, it is only suitable for use under static load. Such as flanged butt joints of pressure bars, T-joints, etc.

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