Anticorrosion method for photovoltaic bolt

Update time:11 Jan 2020

Photovoltaic bolts are installed on photovoltaic solar […]

Photovoltaic bolts are installed on photovoltaic solar supports due to wind and sun exposure throughout the year, so it will inevitably appear rust and even corrosion. Let me introduce you
With modern technology, we can change the material's own properties, the environment in which it is used, the interface between data and the environment, and improve the design of the metal structure. If it is made of a complete corrosion-resistant alloy, unless there is a special demand, it will be economical. It is not practical, or it is necessary to completely isolate the appearance of photovoltaic bolts from environmental elements that will cause corrosion. In practice, photovoltaic bolts may not be practical, which may be very difficult.
Improved metal structure design can improve the impact of special circumstances under certain conditions, but the design of most stainless steel screws cannot be fully modified and its maintenance effect, so this method cannot basically deal with the problem, as long as the corrosion protection on the interface, that is, Exterior anti-corrosion treatment is currently widely used. But generally, we are now using anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of photovoltaic bolts to apply a variety of methods to apply a maintenance layer on the metal surface. Its role is to isolate the metal from the corrosive environment to prevent the corrosion process or reduce the corrosive medium and Metals come in contact with each other to avoid or reduce corrosion.

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