What are the materials and advantages of combination screws?

Update time:26 May 2020

The combination screw is a type of screw. The combinati […]

The combination screw is a type of screw. The combination screw is composed of a screw, a spring washer, and a flat washer.
Combination screw material:
Combination screw materials are divided into iron and stainless steel. Iron is made of different iron screw wire. Generally, the wire of the combination screw is 1010, 1018, 10B21, etc. 10B21 is used to make 8.8 combination screws. Like 8.8 grade hexagon socket combination screws, 10B21 wire is commonly used. After it is done, go to heat treatment. After heat treatment, remove the hydrogen and then electroplating. This is to prevent the spring washers of the hexagon socket set screws from breaking. Stainless steel combination screws, on the market of combination screws, generally refer to stainless steel SUS304 combination screws.

Advantages of combination screws:
1. Pre-assembled components ensure faster assembly speed;
2. Reduce the malfunction caused by human error, improper assembly or forgetting to install the lock washer;
3. Maintenance and repair can be carried out in hard-to-reach or restricted areas;
4. It is easy to assemble very small size products;
5. Disassembly is faster and easier. Loose lock washers are difficult to remove, especially from countersinks;
6. Decrease the product number, optimize inventory and logistics, and save costs.

Combination screw function:
The combination screw has perfect tightening and crimping capabilities. It is matched with high and low voltage contacts, high and low voltage air conditioning wiring, is the current and voltage of electrical appliances, and the power, frequency, and performance of the power supply are significantly improved. Compared with traditional separation screws, it can save people and province. Work, time-saving and other advantages.


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