What are the uses and main classifications of T-bolts?

Update time:29 Apr 2020

The T-bolt is literally understood as the shape of the […]

The T-bolt is literally understood as the shape of the bolt is like a capital English letter "T", which is well-known.
Since T-bolts (some are also called T-screws or T-screws) are a big family, it must be full of grandchildren! In the work, I often encounter a lot of consultations on T-bolts, and the problems are strange; as a senior T-bolt manufacturing expert, Xiaobian today introduces the main classification and related routes of T-bolts:

1. Classification by use
1.1 T-shaped bolts for Hafen channel steel, the most commonly used is 45 # steel, forged, quenched and tempered; low carbon steel, more alloy steel, stainless steel 304 and 316; according to actual needs Choose materials and mechanical properties grades, surface treatments include chemical blackening, electro-galvanizing, hot e799bee5baa6e79fa5e98193e78988e69d8331333365633963 immersion galvanizing, dacromet, dacromet after mechanical galvanizing, etc.

1.2 T-type bolts for aluminum alloy profiles, also known as hammer head bolts, made of SUS304 stainless steel and medium carbon steel The material is 1045 medium carbon steel, which is produced by the red satin process. The grade is 8.8 after heat treatment. It is generally a mold platen bolt. The T-type screw can be directly placed in the groove. It can be automatically positioned and locked during the installation process. The T-type bolt is generally Used with flange nuts, it is the standard connection fastener when installing corner pieces. T-bolts are selected according to the groove width of the profile.
1.3 T-bolt for water supply system,
1.4 T-shaped bolts for T-shaped channels generally refer to the national standard GB37-88
1.5 T-bolts used for construction fasteners are mainly locked and fixed by construction scaffolding, mainly low-carbon steel production, generally with a flange nut. The most used are M12, M14 and American standard UNC1 / 2-13 and British standard BSW1 / 2-12 teeth.

Second, according to the standard model:

2.1 National standard GB37-88T type groove bolts, this standard specifies the B-level T-type groove bolts with thread specifications M5-M48. This national standard stipulates that the diameter is less than or equal to M39 or less. The mechanical performance grade is generally 8.8. The mechanical performance grade with a diameter greater than M39 is generally negotiated and agreed with the customer; and the standard states: "For structural reasons, bolts for T-slots No wedge load and head-bar bonding strength tests are conducted. ”The standard specifications are M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30, M36, M42, M48, a total of 12 specifications, the minimum length is 25, the longest 300.


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