What is a hexagon flange screw?

Update time:08 May 2020

Hexagon flange screw refers to a machine screw with a h […]

Hexagon flange screw refers to a machine screw with a hexagonal head and a flange face. The English name is Hexagon flange head screws. It is characterized by easy installation and no slip angle. It is now widely used in heavy machinery and automobile engines. on. Hexagon flange screws are divided into stainless steel and iron according to the material, and there are two types of flat brain and concave brain according to the flange type.
Standard sizes
Common thread specifications are M1.6, M2.5, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, etc. For example, if the size of the hexagon socket flange screw is M8 × 1.25-25mm, M8 represents a triangular thread with a diameter of 8mm, and 1.25 represents a thread pitch of 1.25mm, and 25mm represents a screw length of 25mm.
National standard
The main national standard is GB / T 16824.2-1997. In addition, the referenced standards include internal hexagon socket head screws GB / T 70.1-2000, square head bolts C grade GB8-88, hexagon head bolts full thread GB / T 5783-2000 hexagon nuts Class C GB / T41-2000, Hexagon flange bolts-Enlarged series-Class B GB5789-86 flat washers Class C GB / T 95-2002, etc., for head diameter, head thickness, inner hexagon opposite sides, inner Hexagon depth etc. are all specified.
strength level
The grade of the screw refers to the grade of the material, such as grade 4.8, the 4 in front of the decimal point represents the tensile strength of the material is 400MPA, and the 8 in the rear represents one tenth of the ratio of the yield strength to the tensile strength, that is, the yield strength 320MPa. Common grades are grade 3.6, grade 4.8, grade 5.6, grade 8.8, grade 9.8, grade 10.9, grade 12.9, etc., grade 8.8 and above are low carbon alloy steel or medium carbon steel and heat treated, commonly known as high strength screws.


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